About MyVTuber

We're here to make VTubing easier for the community.

MyVTuber at a glance

We’re a small group of artists who are super passionate about helping VTubers go out there and make great content. Getting a high-quality avatar has been too hard for too long.

MyVTuber exists to make commissioning your avatar as simple as possible. Our art studio empowers amateur and professional VTubers to take their career to the next level and connect with their audience.

MyVTuber mascot high-resolution with Japanese background
Woman drawing VTuber on iPad

What makes us different

Before we came around VTubers had to figure everything out themselves, find artists and animators separately, and then pray their avatar will work.

We get it. You just want to make great videos and streams with an avatar your fans will remember.

That’s why we made commissioning your VTubing avatar as simple as possible. We do everything. From drawing to animating. We even include 3 custom expressions for free.

Our talented team

We’re a small team, but there are two things that all of us have in common. Our love for ice cream and attention to detail.

My VTuber employee Luna. She is the customer guide


Customer Guide

She really likes emojis, but she’s as charming as Gawr Gura.

My VTuber employee Tommy. He is the drawing artist


Drawing Artist

Anime-style drawings are his specialty but he can draw just about anything.

My VTuber employee Diana. She is the animator and rigging artist


Animator / Rigger

Great at animating, but can also make a great cake… if she feels like it.

My VTuber employee Kris. He is the founder



Kris wakes up with one important thing on his mind – time to go on Reddit.

Let’s make a model your fans will remember

Send us your VTuber model idea and one of our kind team members will get in contact with you in just a bit.

Customer guide Luna, the mascot of MyVTuber, is online

Customer guide Luna is online